Tuesday, 3 March 2009


I want to give to charity. I've done well for myself at the expense of others, but to whom do I give money ? how do I ensure that it will be used wisely ? I dunno.

I considered donating for Africa, but then got put off after reading about drugs being stolen by the local gangs etc. I think clean water for Africa is a good one. I'm going to look in to that.

Here's a flame worthy sentence if ever I've written one. I'm fed up of children's charity's. Children have it better than adults in this new world in which we live. Yes, we should ensure that they are protected, but that should be done through law surely ? I don't want to eat my dinner then see horrible ads on TV designed to make me feel guilty. Stuff that.

Animals on the other hand don't have it so good. Medical experiments, abuse etc, they don't have it so good. But should they get my money more than a child in Africa ? What do I know ?

MacMillan nurses is one that we do donate to. If someone has cancer they should live out their life in dignity and be looked after, and we can't expect the NHS to do that for everyone. But Don't get me started about smokers who get cancer ...talk about asking for it.

Although I'll donate to practically any charity if someone I know is going to do a marathon, or half marathon etc.

Any ideas, let me know.

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