Tuesday, 15 May 2012

SD card testing

Tested 2 class 10 GB SDHC cards a PNY and a Transcend using CrystaldiskMark 3.01 over and average of 5 test runs writing 1000MB.  Test completed using a Sandisk Micromate SDHC USB adapter.

PNY       read was Sequential:19.75MB/s, 512K :19.90MB/s, 4K:4.577MB/s, 4K QD32:5.173MB/s
PNY       write was Sequential:15.21MB/s, 512K :.65MB/s,  4K:.005MB/s, 4K QD32:.006MB/s

Transcend read was Sequential:19.54MB/s, 512K :19.39MB/s, 4K:3.166MB/s, 4K QD32:3.333MB/s
Transcend write was Sequential:17.98MB/s, 512K :.903MB/s, 4K:.009MB/s, 4K QD32:.009MB/s

PNY faster read, transcend faster write.  All non sequential writes were dire.  Since the most important aspect of a camera is taking photos, write speed is the most important.  The Transcend wins.....just.