Thursday, 10 March 2016

A metaphor for life

I've been thinking about life and trying to explain how it works to my children.  This is the end result:

Imagine that life is like an endless ocean.  On some days it is calm, some choppy, and some stormy.
When you're born you're like a dinghy, being thrown around by the current, with little or no control.  no matter how hard you push making progress is hard work.

As you get older your boat size increases and changes.  You could be a tug or a small sports boat, .  where you can barge your way in to smaller boats, or zip around them respectively.

As time passes, you turn in to an oil tanker.  Self sufficient and plotting your own course, whereever that may be.

When you have a partner there are two oil tankers joined by a strong cable.  Sometimes you're heading in the same direction, other times you're opposing each other.  As you oppose each other the cable is under tension and could snap, or could hold.

When you have children, you then have more cables and more tension unless you're moving in the same direction.  When the seas turn rough who knows what may snap and what may hold.

As the child grows up, the cable gets longer and eventually snaps, while they make their own way.  The choice if you stay in the same area of not isn't anyones to make.  It's the oceans and the meaningless direction that you choose to move in..