Tuesday, 3 March 2009

About Me

I always thought that I wasn't much good at things, that I'm not very clever. When I was at school/college I loosely ranked my friends based on their GCSE and A Level results and if they had a degree of not (not that I remember much of school).

When I started working it became how quick they were at a come back, I always hated that I never had anything witty to say until 5 minutes after the conversation, and even then what I would have said would have been ranked as average. So I live my life trying to figure out if I'm smart, or if I'm dumb.

Then I forget it, it's not like I can make myself any cleverer is it ? I try Scrabble, Suduku, crosswords & chess. I find I'm not great, but not bad. This is typical; the story of my life.

But its not all bad. For all my failures I have successes, I'm doing well for myself, I have a mortgage free house, a lovely wife. What more can I ask for, really ?

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