Friday, 10 February 2012

Linux fragmentation.

So I've been running Linux a while.  My unorthodox (read non standard) install is a single ext4 partition (320GB) with a 2GB pagefile.

I do a LOT of DVD ripping, transcoding (using handbrake), and moving of files on to NAS on this machine.

A few people will say that since you're deleting or moving all the files the fragmentation will be minimal, except I do them in batches on an as and when basis.  The disk frequently gets to 90% full, then I do some encoding and ripping.

Needless to say, I expect it to be fragmented.  I run KDE on it, it's a DHCP/DNS server; I read emails on it, run Chrome and other apps.  If this was windows it'd be SLOW.

So I run fsck.ext4 -nfv /dev/sda1 and what do I find.

     654 non-contiguous files (0.3%)
     331 non-contiguous directories (0.1%)

In my opinion, that's pretty damn good.  I'm impressed again.  Linux and EXT4 rule bit time.  No wonder there is no mainstream de-fragmentation tool for EXT4.


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